TweakNow SecureDelete

TweakNow SecureDelete : Securely Wipe Sensitive Files Forever

TweakNow SecureDeleteTweakNow SecureDelete is a file shredder software that can delete multiple files and folders at once, even files currently in the Recycle Bin are deleted securely. If you want to be sure that all your data is truely, perfectly, permanently and completely deleted from the hard drive, then you should not rely on Windows alone. The free program TweakNow SecureDelete promises instant and secure deletion of sensitive files from your hard disk without the risk of being recovered again.

It supports drag and drop function which is the best way to use a file shredder program. There are hundreds of free undelete softwares available on the internet which magically bring back the deleted files but if you want to get rid of your private files for good, then you have to securely erase them and TweakNow SecureDelete does this job easily for you and you don’t have to worry that someone will come and recover your confidential deleted files. It uses the most commen industry standard secure erasure algorithms like Gutmathe and DOD 5220.22M. In addition, you can tweak paging file settings for Windows with the help of TweakNow SecureDelete so that it is erased every time you shutdown Windows.

You can download it below directly from the TweakNow SecureDelete website :

Download TweakNow SecureDelete

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