Use Your T-Shirt to Recharge Your Mobile Phone

A T-shirt to charge phones

Just Imagine plugging your mobile into your T-shirt to charge its battery.

Many ways can be performed to recharge your mobile phone, but using T-Shirt is a new way, it might be a little awkward thing to do, but now its a reality.

Orange, mobile phone giant on UK has released a prototype t-shirt to recharge mobile phone using the sound around it.


orange_sound_charge-t_shirtThe futuristic garment works by using noise-responsive technology – simply, the louder the music, then the quicker the phone charges, say its developers. It uses an A4-size piece of piezoelectric film in a T-shirt to absorb pressure from sound waves. It converts these into an electrical charge, which it then transfers from its battery into a lead that fits most phones.

Orange will conduct live testing of the gadget on site at the Glastonbury musical festival in Britain to see which acts are the “best to charge to” around the Spirit Of 71 stage, the Daily Mail reported.

Tony Andrews, co-producer of the Spirit Of 71, said: “Sound vibrations, particularly bass frequencies, will create enough shaking to produce electricity from a material as simple as piezoelectric film.


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