Useful Tips For Using Your New Android Tablet

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This is just to help you get the most out of your Android Tablet. There are literally hundred of low cost Android tablets available on the market today, however many of the budget options heading out of China often arrive without instructions! Here are some helpful tips to using your new Android tablet.

=> How do I add a home screen shortcut to Android?

Head in to your Applications menu (there maybe a shortcut for it on your home screen, or your might have to press your menu button to find it). Find the application you want to make a shortcut for. Press and hold. Now drag the icon to the position your want on your Android tablets home screen.

=> How to delete home screen shortcut icon on Android?

Press and hold the icon you want do delete and wait for the trashcan to appear, then drag the shortcut into it. This won’t delete the app but only the shortcut for it.

=> How to install software?

To install software you can either download if from the Android market, or other stores. You can also place the .apk file on you SD card and install it from there, or download the .apk app file from your email or the Internet via the Android browser. Once downloaded press the install option.

=> How to uninstall software?

To delete an application head in to settings > applications > manage applications. From there you can choose the applications you want to delete and press “unistall”.

 => How to change language?

To change the language on your Chinese Android tablet head to settings > language and keyboard > select language then choose the language you want!

=> How to connect WIFI?

To turn on your WiFi head to settings > wireless & networks > WiFi and choose the network you want to connect too.

=> How to edit Icons?

Icon Delete is just a hold down. Have an Icon on the pane you do not use. Hold down on the icon. Then drag it over to the wastebasket that has appeared. If you hold down on a file in the File browswer, You can cut, paste, rename, etc. To paste a cut or copied item, just hold down in an empty area on the pane and the selection screen will appear.

=> How to connect WIFI?

Multi-panes are useful to reduce clutter. The tablets touch screens are somewhat rough in the precision. Creating multiple panes for scrolling purpose and leaving the bottom third for flipping from one pane to another is helpful . You can sort the apps according to the pane as you wish.

=> How to Calibrate using a Stylus?

The more precise you can calibrate the easier it is to use the touch and scroll. Calibrating by using a stylus helps in getting a more precise touch calibration.

=> How to Prolong the battery life?

Do not let your battery completely drain. Lithium Batteries do not have memory like old batteries, but full drain and recharge shortens the battery life. These units are not really designed for battery replacement. You can get the battery if you know where to order. But You better have the Electronics repair skills to change it. It is not hard if you know how to solder and know how to bend plastic without break or cracking.


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