10 Kids With The Most Irresponsible Parents Ever


Parents – we all have them and we all have memories of what it was like growing up with them. When we were little, our parents were our friends, our bosses, our leaders, our protectors and our discipliners. They kept us in line – or tried to – provided for us and taught us valuable life lessons that helped us later on in life. As we grew up, many of us decided to try our hand at having kids and the students became the masters – or so we thought. Covered in throw-up at 4am, cleaning out scrapes and cuts, replacing broken windows and taking phone calls from angry teachers and neighbors, it was soon discovered that being a parent could be very hard.

Despite the challenges, most parents do an alright job. Most, but not all. Unfortunately there are more than a few people out there who probably should have thought twice about having kids. Maybe they weren’t financially ready or maybe their home wasn’t stable enough to take on a new addition. In the following examples, you’ll see that these parents often made bad or very questionable decisions. Sometimes the children weren’t harmed at all by their irresponsible parents – sometimes they were. While the level of danger or risk posed to the child in each of these following scenarios differs, we can bet most people will agree that these parents qualify for ‘most irresponsible’ status.

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