10 Signs That Someone Is Lying

Published on February 4, 2017 by techtica

According to new studies, we lie 200 times a day. You can not prevent the other person from telling lies, but you can definitely know if this is so! Become a detector! What if you are lacking hard evidences to prove that the other person is lying?

The partner says he does not know the phone number appearing several times on his phone’s display or the little kid says, it must not have been him. So those Who don’t have any mechanical lie-detector at hand, must become investigators themselves. The sad truth is that everybody is dishonest sometimes, but in this video you will find out some ways to spot those who tell the truth and those who do not in ten special signs that someone is lying. You will also learn what triggers lies in a human body, how to reconize the lies and finally you will do much better at catching lies practically.

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