3DR Solo The Scary Smart Drone


3DR Solo Drone is the ultimate tool for aerial video and photography. whether you’re a first-time pilot or a longtime pro, solo is the most powerful and easiest to use drone on the market. Solo is designed from the ground up to give you the best overall aerial experience imaginable. Solo pairs smooth flying characteristics with powerful features making it easy for you to get great professional shots from day one. Cable cam allows you to lock solo on a virtual cable between any two points in the air, so you can focus on camera work.

Pan and tilt the camera freely without needing to keep track at the direction the copter. Solo can even memorize your framing at each end of the cable then smoothly shift your camera between the two points easing into and out of the moves like a seasoned professional. These features are made possible by solos two on-board computers which enable radical breakthroughs in both flight and camera control. This makes solo the world’s first smart drone. By harnessing the power of these computers, even brand new pilots have the ability to capture beautiful cinematic shots that would otherwise require years of practice.

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