AirDog Drone Follows You Like A Dog


AirDog drone follows you like a dog and films you automatically. It was one of the most unusual product presentation of CES 2016 in Las Vegas. This Flying machine is made of weather proof plasti….cold and extreme weather is no problem for this drone. Specially developed for athletes and sportsmen who wnat to film themselves while Skiing, Cycling, Kiteboard, Surfing, Snowboarding, Racing etc. It is equipped with a GoPro action cam. AirDog follows the subject fully automatically and does not need to be controlled remotely by any other source or a second person. Thats why its called AirDog.

This Flying dog is controlled by a waterproof remote control, which is carried on the wristband. This wristband is also the point of orientation targetted by the drone using its GoPro Action Camera. You can set the height of the drone from which it should follow you and a lot more functions can be set. AirDog is a great accessory for the everyone who is fan of fantastic Action-Shots. It costs 1857 US Dollars without Camera.

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