Crazy Cart: The Ultimate Drifting Machine And A Christmas Gift


The Ultimate Drifting Machine, the Razor Crazy Cart is amazing! This go-cart is fast, allows you to do the craziest drifts and spins faster than the fastest amusement park ride you have ever ridden. Drive, spin, or drift like a pro at home!

Drive like a go cart or lift the Drift Bar to kick into Crazy Cart mode. Patented drift system allows the driver to vary the rear caster angle so you can drive and drift forward, backward, sideways, diagonally, and everything in between.

Crazy Cart speeds up to 12 mph, Up to 40 minutes of continuous use, Variable speed foot pedal acceleration (no brake). The Drift Bar allows drivers to completely control their drifts, spins, and cornering, 360 degree plus steering capability for tight turns, Lap/shoulder strap and flag included, Pneumatic front tire and anti-tip front caster wheels. It lets you play mario kart in Real-Life.

Using hand brake is the best part. whoever came up with this idea is now a very rich man, also hated by every neighbor who has to live by one. You should carry some banana peels so you can drop them in front of your competition to win the race. 🙂 Adult version of Crazy Cart will also be ready for sale soon.

You can buy the Crazy Cart from Toys R Us, it costs about $369.99 . Loads of these Crazy Carts are being sold thesedays. If you buy it from amazon by using this link =>[Buy Crazy Cart Cheaper], you will get it for $349.99, a solid 20 dollars discount. And yes, The is Helmet sold separately.

A 3 years old having fun with Crazy Cart.

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