David Skinning A Deer Clean in Under 2 Minutes Time

Published on December 23, 2016 by techtica

A pretty impressive skinning talent! Skinning a deer clean and quick in under 2 minutes time is a pure talent. David should open his own butcher shop! With speed like that he could run it as a one man show and do crazy volume and earn a lot of money! But, david is insanely fast and possesses extra ordinary skinning-skills. The truth is that venison (Deer’s meat) is one of those meats that needs careful preparation from skinning to cooking and serving and preserving.

Let us also not forget that learning how to skin an animal like david is doing in this video, can be a very lucrative and profitable business idea, only if you get a little training of this skinning process and gradually become a master of doing animal-skinning in 2 minutes time. Well, in north america, hunters kill the Deer, they pay about $120 bucks to have the Deer cleaned and butchered. The edible meat is freezer wrapped and given back to the hunter. The rest of it is usually sold to a Dog Food company. So now just imagine, you can earn over 3000 dollars in 60 minutes if you skin deers like david. 🙂

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