Dewar’s Highlander Honey


The bite of 80,000 bees and the sugariness of honey. The exceptional and unique Dewar’s Highlander Honey bees build real sculptures out of natural honeycomb. The fact is that Dewar’s Highlander Honey, is giving people a chance to witness the craftsmanship of 80,000 bees live as they build sculptures out of their own lovely golden honeycomb.

The 3-B Printing Project is both symbolic of the craftsmanship that goes into making each bottle of the new DEWAR’S Highlander Honey and the modern attitude of our consumer – ‘the Drinking Man’ – who is intrigued by the innovation of 3-D printing. It is nature and craftsmanship coming together with science and design to create extraordinary objects.

A unique artistic and digital initiative, which gives the concept of 3-D printing an innovative twist by employing the extraordinary activity of bees making honeycomb.

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