Dogs Are Better Than Human Beings


Dogs are the men’s faithful friend. This touching organ donor commercial video reveals, with a lot of feelings, how intimate the passionate bond can be. It shows a shattered dog, waiting outside in front of the hospital where his master was admitted. You can see, how perdurable and unbreakable the love of a dog is, even when the old man dies and his organs continue to live in the body of a young woman.

This heart warming commercial (Titled the Man and the Dog) by the Argentina Liver Transplant Foundation has gone viral with over 3 million views so far in just few days. This video is made to convince people to donate their organs to others after the death.

The story of a old man and the dog, who go everywhere together. When he goes to meet his friends in a Cafe, his companion waits outside. But one days the man collapses and is hospitalized, the dog follows him and runs after the ambulance.

The door was slammed in his face and the dog is left outside lonely. There he waits for days, even in the rain. When all hopes seems lost, the door finally opens and a woman on a wheelchair comes out. The dog looks at her very eagerly and welcomes her anxiously. The woman was saved and receives a life saving organ transplant from the older man, who died and was a registered organ donor. The dogs loyalty never ends, a proved fact. The dog actually recognized the spirit of the old man in the young woman. A very touching video, that will leave you in tears.

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