Doner Makes You More Beautiful


Tasty Doner Kebab is the top-selling and most popular fast-food in Germany with over 15,500 Döner restaurants that can be found throughout the country. It had its German breakthrough in Berlin in the 1970’s, when many Turkish immigrants settled, and different types of cabbage, lettuce and vegetables were added to the sandwich to make it what it is today. Whether during lunch break or just like that – with a doner kebab you don’t go wrong. In this video Nusret Gökçe Aka Salt Bae shows us how it is made. He is the master of cooking and preparing meat and worked very hard to achieve great success in his field and became an internet sensation. ‘Doner makes you more beautiful’ (Döner Macht Schöner) is a German saying for this very popular fast food in Germany.

Doner Kebab Ready To Eat:

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