Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Pull 7 G’s?


Notice the pilot’s strange reaction in this video, after the 7 G of force was exceeded in a centrifuge training machine. It seemed like pilot’s soul just left his body. Military planes regularly pull 7 G’s and can sustain up to 9Gs (9 times the normal force of gravity, which pushes the pilot’s body to the limits of what he can handle.) for a limited time. Those guys hoping to fly fighter jets as Airforce fighter pilots, must prove their ability to withstand a high level of G-forces, or the equivalent of the force of gravity multiplied. 7 G is actually enough force to push blood away from the brain and make you feel like weight is pushing down on every part of you. You have to be a g-monster if you are willing to join airforce as fighter pilot, beside the other important characteristics.

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