Flyboard Air Test : This Is What Flying Will Look Like in Future


This is how flying will look like in the future. After 4 years of hard work, Zapata racing has finally fulfilled the dream of mankind and developed an UFO-like Flyboard that allows humans to fly safely on water. In this video you can see the French jet ski champion and developer Franky Zapata doing the Flyboard Air test. The flyboard Air is controlled while standing and the fueltank is carried on the back of the flyer.

The top speed of the Flyboard is 150 km/h and it can rach the max height of 10,000 feet. And the amount of fuel at this speed is enough for 10 minutes of flight. Since the Flyboard Air Zapata Racing is still in the development phase, the Flying machine won’t go into mass production in 2016. But one thing is for sure that if this ever became a real product it would make travelling an incredible and quick experience. Lets all hope that we will live long enough to see flyboard-like flying machines become portable enough and sold commercially.

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