Free People Presents | Dream Girl

Published on April 18, 2017 by techtica

Humans use technology to improve their lives, to forge connections, to create time that doesn’t exist, to replace real interactions. When we devise a second version of ourselves on social media, do we lose a piece of our true selves in the process? Do our digital connections threaten our real life relationships? What happens if the filtered characters we’ve imagined take on a life of their own?

For many years Free People has told love stories — we wanted to explore what our world could look like in the near future….

Director: Lauren Cohan
Executive Producer: Abby Morgan
Screenplay: Lauren Cohan, Alex Holcomb, Alexander Dipersia
Producer: Emily Bonner
Producer: Arielle Davis
Producer: Priya Satiani
1st Assistant Director: Charlie Hicks
Art Director: Kamaryn Potter
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff

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