Free People Presents | Dream Girl


Humans use technology to improve their lives, to forge connections, to create time that doesn’t exist, to replace real interactions. When we devise a second version of ourselves on social media, do we lose a piece of our true selves in the process? Do our digital connections threaten our real life relationships? What happens if the filtered characters we’ve imagined take on a life of their own?

For many years Free People has told love stories — we wanted to explore what our world could look like in the near future….

Director: Lauren Cohan
Executive Producer: Abby Morgan
Screenplay: Lauren Cohan, Alex Holcomb, Alexander Dipersia
Producer: Emily Bonner
Producer: Arielle Davis
Producer: Priya Satiani
1st Assistant Director: Charlie Hicks
Art Director: Kamaryn Potter
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff

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