Girl Fights Boy For Flying Drone on Beach


The Andrea Mears (23) from Connecticut was arrested for assault because she had physically attacked a hobby drones flyer. The young drone pilot Austin Haughwout coincidentally filmed the whole incident on his iPhone and later uploaded the video documentaion of the case on youtube. The restrictions and regulation of private drones need to be clear and concise or these type of incidents will become common and much more dangerous.

Here is what Austin Haughwout (The beach drone pilot) said about this incident , “On May 12, 2014, I was assaulted at Hammonasset beach in Madison, CT. Here is the unedited video of the attack as a few people requested. sorry for my strong langauge, it was an exceptional circumstance. When she first came up I thought it was just someone calling the cops and I didn’t think she would attack me.”

Andrea Mear thought she was stopping an alarming crime in progress, but instead found herself in handcuffs. When She saw Austin Haughwout piloting a drone at a wholesome all-American public beach in Connecticut, she thought he was secretly taking pictures of bikini-clad women, so she called the Cops. But in the time it took them to react, the Andrea handed down her own trademark of justice and calls the drone-pilot a pervert freak and rips at his shirt, punches him badly and knocks him down. Luckily, it was all caught on Haughwout’s iPhone camera. This iPhone saved him from arrest because when the cops arrived, she told them he had assaulted her and she ended up arrested for assault and breach of peace but only after he (Haughwout) showed them the video from his iPhone.

This ” Crazy Girl Attacks A Boy For Flying Drone on Beach ” video has gone viral and popular on the internet and is featured on many websites.

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