Google’s Self-Driving Bicycle Introduced in The Netherlands

Published on April 3, 2016 by techtica

After modern self-driving cars, Google has now introduced the first self-driving bicycle in Amsterdam, the world’s premier cycling city. The Dutch and danish people, cycle more than any other nations in the world, here the investement into cycling is the highest. Bicycles are used for 54% of all trips in copenhagen, and in amsterdam, bicycles are used for almost 50% of all trips within the city, which makes over 900 kilometres per person annually, adding up more than 15 billion kilometres in a year. Both Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities. Google’s self-driving bicycle provides safe navigation through the city and you will be able to work on your laptop while the bike is driving itself! It will save you a lot of time and energy. 🙂

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