Grandfather Skateboard Prank


As the locals in Lagzapi skatepark in the Spanish capital Madrid saw some retired old people coming towards them, they had probably expected anything else but not this. Antena 3 tv spain contacted one of the best skaters in the world to execute this prank. The Danny Leon spent a few hours to dress up and makeup to not look like a 21-year-old, but as an aged 80 years grandfather. And they kept the secret about who he actually was.

Nobody, including the kids enjoying skating there could recognize that the old guy was the spanish pro skater danny leon who did this pranks so amazingly perfect that the other skaters around were left with their mouths open.

You will see the priceless reactions and facial expressions on the kids faces in this video. This prank needed no language or cultural bias to be funny. A timeless classic with respect. This prank was made for the spanish comedy show El Hormiguero.

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