Home Made Crazy Drill Powered Walking Machine


Here is how you can make a crazy drill powered walking machine at home, that you can ride to reach the nearby mall or make the public around you amazed and glazed and your neighbours will just shake their heads when they see you coming!. The rear part works like a mechanical horse which was Inspired by Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculpture walking beast.

Its movement is so fluid, amazing and natural considering the mechanics involved and it can handle loaded of up to 370 lbs With a diy gear box and a dewalt 20 volt drill. The mechanical parts are made of wood but aluminium painted to make them look like silver color steel.

A prototype for an all-terrain machine, that might need a lighter jockey and a more powerful drill to move faster. But this little drill still has the capacity to drive this mechanical beast around.

With proper decoration you can scare the hell out of people on halloween. Imagine “driving” this thing on a parking lot at night.

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