How Easy It Is To Kidnap Your Child


Child abduction social experiment. According to the youtuber Joey Salads, more than 700 children are abducted everyday but still many parents think their child is the one who won’t fall for it. Thats why Joey performed a social test in which he wanted to find out and show how easily children go along with strangers, despite the fact that they were forbidden by their parents not to talk to strangers and that they should be careful.

The experiment in this video shows a shocking result and alarms the parents that a child abuser can kidnap their children without any problems.

Children love sweet animals like cute puppies or little jumping cats over everything and their love for these animals is so immense that they suddenly forget all the upbringing-principles, which they were taught by their parents for years.

So the criminals use this weakness of the children to get their job easily done. You will see the children believing and accompanying the strangers and responding them in good faith. The man nabs the puppy and walks toward the kids and asks them if they want to pat the puppy and none of the kids reject this offer and start talking to stranger. then he asks them “Do you want to see more puppies?”, to which children become more excited. Joey then takes the little kid by the hand and leads him away from the playground in front of his mother. If this situation was real and serious, nobody would realise that the man just kidnapped a child under the watchful eyes of their guardians.

This shocking expreiment have left the parents with an oppressive and insecure feeling. The lesson we need to learn from this video is to teach our kids not to go with strangers. And the kidnappers can take kids from anywhere, not only from parks. You can turn your back just for 1 second and your child could be gone. So never lose sight of your kid and always be careful.

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