How To Make Fire With A Lemon


Imagine the following situation: You are alone on a discovery tour in the mountains and wilderniss. The weather is cold. Your entire body is trembling and shaking, the legs become heavy. You want to sit down somewhere in between, and want to warm your hands by campfire in the forest. But you forgot your lighter in the last hut and now you don’t have anything like lighter or matches available to make the fire. All you have in your backpack are, a few nails – and a lemon. In this video you are going to learn a brilliant lifehack that can even save your ife in emergency. If you happpen to have a piece of wire, 6 copper clips, 6 zinc nails and some steel wool, you can have fire for yourself in no time. So watch this video to learn this survival trick. After having watched this video, you are always going to carry those things when you are traveling somewhere in the wilderniss by yourself.

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