The World’s First Bike With Wheels Made Of ICE


This bike has wheels of ice. Colin Furze of Stamford, England has an obsession for world-stuff. This mad engineer made some pretty stunning creations in the past including world’s fastest pram, the world’s first jet-engined barbecue and the fastest mobility scooter of the world. This time it took him a couple of tries to get the perfect shape of the Ice blocks for wheels of his Ice Bike.

After everything went well, he tested the bike on various surfaces and then took the bike to a place where the ice won’t melt, namely riding across an actual glacier in canada to see how that goes, that was a perfect solution for long-term enjoyment.

In this video you are going to see the more in-depth expalanation of the steps he has taken for this project plus the immense efforts he put into creating this ice bike.

May be one day he will invent something very important for which his name will be remembered. His attempts to travel uphill on this crazy ice bike are funny in this video.

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