Inside The Clean-Up Of Chernobyl, The World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster (HBO)


At the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, workers are tackling the final preparations for a major milestone, slated for next year: handing over full control of the site to Ukraine. Chernobyl still holds the distinction of being the world’s worst nuclear disaster. And the job of containing the fallout has required an international cast of players. A year ago, crews finished putting the new sarcophagus in place. It’s a massive steel arch — officially called the New Safe Confinement — that covers the destroyed reactor. Now, workers are busy sealing up the space between the new sarcophagus and the old one– which was built in the 80s. And they’re facing some of the highest levels of radiation they’ve encountered so far. Jake Hanrahan got an exclusive look.

Courtesy: HBO

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