Inside The World’s Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner


The world’s first and the only BBJ Boeing 787 Dreamliner in VVIP Configuration operated by Deer Jet. So luxurious you could fly in your next vacation. The first dreamliner that was converted to private jet. It was opened for display during the Dubai Air Show 2017. You can charter this Boeing 787 by Chinese Airline and it costs only 72000 dollars (Seventy two thousand) per hour. The stewardess will help you feel at home and will give you slippers at the entrance. Whoever flies here experiences comfort just like in a luxury hotel. The cabin is 220 Square meter big and beautiful like a flying palace. Up to 16 passengers can dine here. The production of this supersized luxury jet took two and a half years (2,5 years). Furnishing and equipment is done by a French interior architect. There are 18 first-class seats available for the entourage. The luxury travelers can also take a break and sleep in a private bedroom. Sam Chui (The famous aviation blogger) in this video has tried this dreamliner’s awesome bedroom during his Dubai Air Show amusement tour and made this awesome video.

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