Would You Eat A Steak Grilled On Lava?


Lava style grilled steak for summer season is a great grilling adventure. When you think of summer grilling, many things probably come to your mind including friends and family, lovely food, beautiful sunny weather, and ice cold beverages. Your mood gets better and you want to go out for picnics, fun and enjoyment. For many of us, grilling is the best hobby. In Germany, its the much loved hobby. Around 88% of Germans own a Barbecue, which they use not only in summer, but sometimes also in winter.

You may never have tried grilling your steak or sausage on pure heat of Lava? In this video you are going to see the steaks grilled with perfection on Lava, an ultimate way to prepare steak. This lava is created by an artificial volcano that flows toward the grill canal. Because of the pure heat (2700°F), the steaks get sealed very quickly and get very tasty.

According to the grillers in the video, it was the best steak they have ever had in their lives. Check it out for yourself.

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