Worlds First Laser Projector Smartphone


Smartphones are becoming more powerful and stronger day by day and therefore much more than just Smartphones. Lenovo now goes even one step ahead in this technology. Science fiction films have predicted it long ago, now it could come true soon….The mobile device with an integrated Beamer.

Lenovo Smart Cast is the world’s first laser projector smartphone, which features an integrated projector that can cast images large enough to turn a wall into a beautiful movie screen. It recognizes hand gestures, clicking and sliding, thus the phone users can cast a virtual keyboard on a flat surface and simply type away. Lenovo smart cast helps you do more, share more, and understand the whole idea of what a smartphone can be.

The smartphone from Lenovo is only a concept at the moment. Information about the release date is not yet known but still its a very interesting approach, which could revolutionize the smartphone usage. It was unveiled in Beijing yesterday, at the company’s Tech World conference.

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