Liam iPhone-Recycling-Robot Takes Apart And Recycles iPhones

Published on February 4, 2017 by techtica

Liam, the iPhone-Butcher (recyclebot) disassembles iPhones into their individual components, when it’s no longer functioning and have been taken back by Apple but can not be repaired and resold. Liam prepares them for recycling, so the materials inside can live on. This iPhone-Recycling-Robot “Liam” has 29 arms on which different tools are mounted, from drillers and suckers to screwdrivers. The robot uses these programmed tools and breaks down old and broken iPhones into their individual parts in just 11 seconds. Starting with the display, the robot removes the SIM tray, each and every single screw, the battery and all other components such as camera, mainboard (Logic board) etc. In this way, the useful individual materials and raw materials such as precious metals and mineral ores are separated out completely and then can be reused. With Liam, Apple has made the recycling process easier, efficient, cleaner and safer for reintroduction into the global supply.

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