Assphyxiated Lion Cub Stuck in Buffalo Butt

Published on August 7, 2017 by techtica

Never stick your nose in where its not wanted. In this video you see a lion’s cub, only a few weeks old, who seems to have lodged himself into the rectum of the recently deceased buffalo. In its haste to eat, this lion’s cub eats into a buffalo and gets his head stuck. The surrounding lions are hesitant to do anything about the situation, as if simultaneously embarrassed and disgusted by the whole ordeal. It is in this instant that nature is truly remarkable.

There is a good lesson for the cub and probably he will never do it again if he is a good cub and hopefully he will be more careful where he sticks his head in the future but those guys who were filming all this, should have helped the poor cub get out of this shitty situation. They could at least have fired a bullet and found a way to temporarelly scare off the lions……Time long enough to pull the lion cub out but probably they didn’t want to take the risk as the other lions would likely have attacked them.

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