Love, Dad


On the outskirts of Cairo, lies an entire city made out of, and built on top of discarded trash. It’s home to the Zabaleen – ‘people of the garbage’ – who collect, and recycle everything from old food, plastic wrappers, tires, to aluminum cans. Each family has a specific role, from the smallest child to the oldest grandparent, sorting the waste and continuing the family business. 25 years ago, A woman named Maggie Groban, known as ‘Mama Maggie,’ did something unexpected. She started a school right in the heart of Garbage City. A first for the Zabaleen. Suddenly, families had a hard choice to make. One that would surely cost them immediate profit loss by not putting the kids to work. However, a few brave parents took a risk – and put their kids in school.

In collaboration with Bittersweet Foundation
Director, DP, Editor:
Brandon Bray
Executive Producer:
Kate Schmidgall
2nd Camera Operator, Associate Producer:
Stephen Jeter
Kate Schmidgall
Assistant Camera Operator, US
Joey Diaz
Still Photography:
Stephen Jeter
Dave Schmidgall
Production Company
Max LL, “The Wild”
Chad Lawson, “Restless One”
Managing Director, DECADE:
Bailey Skiles
Managing Director, Bittersweet Creative:
Dave Baker
Young Girl:
Medical Student:
Basma Rizk
Father & Aluminum Worker:
Special Thanks:
Marty Makary
Mama Maggie
Emad Ibrahem
Maha Victor
Freefly Systems
Cairo Fixers:
Makarios Nassar

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