Parrot Sequoia: Specially Designed Drone For Farmers


Parrot has developed Sequoia, a multispectral camera drone for farmers. Equipped with dual-sensor technology, the sequoia has one of the 1st sophisticated drone sensor systems to enter the agricultural field, making it the future of agriculture. It has a 16 megapixel RGB camera and an internal memory capacity of 64 GB. The multispectral sensor of the camera captures both visible and invisible images, providing farmers with calibrated data, so that they can analyze and respond to their crop’s health during growing season. Furthermore, the sunshine sensor will continuously sense and record the light conditions in the same spectral bands as the multispectral sensor, during the flight. The Parrot Sequoia has been developed working together with various precision farming expert companies to keep the financial and security risks at lowest. More details in the video.

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