Phantom Flex 4K Drone


The Phantom Flex 4K camera Drone can take pictures with an impressive Ultra HD 4K resolution up to 1000 frames per second high speed imaging.

Equipped with a 35mm format sensor, Phantom Flex4K weighs about 6,8 KG, which makes it for sure a giant drone. CineMag® IV support for raw recording, High dynamic range, Low noise, Multi-Channel 3G HG-SDI outputs and Full-featured On-Camera control interface are some more exciting features of Phantom Flex 4K. The Tech guys from Brain Farm cinema have made a sharpest video of all time using this Academy award winning Ultra HD 4K technology and the result is probably the first drone Video having Ultra HD resolution and super slow motion.

Controlling the Phantom Flex4K is very simple with a full-featured On-Camera control interface for both advanced and basic camera operations. The Phantom Flex 4K was presented in spring 2013, and till today it is almost unmatched in terms of high-speed cameras. You are going to see an SUV on an off-road course, splashing the mud around, which may be, is not much sensational for you but once you see the 4K recordings in this video, showing each and every waterdrops in the flight, you will be extremely impressed then.

Although the drone Aerigon UAV is developed for lifting heavy loads, but still this high-tech device is actually too weak for a camera-block like the Phantom Flex 4K. The experts of Brain Farm have therefore, pimped up the engine of the drone and made it around 40 percent stronger and even built the gimbal of the drone themselves. According to Brain Farm, the tuning work of the whole device was worth around 250,000 US Dollars at the end.

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