Selfie Shoes by Miz Mooz


Selfie stick was yesterday, now comes the Selfie Shoe! Its fashionable and convenient. With the Selfie shoes you’re always ready for the next photo with your friends!

All you’d have to do is insert your smartphone into the port at the front of either your right or left shoe, lift your leg up and bring the phone in a perfect position and take the picture by pressing the sensor with your toe and you have both arms free and relaxed. The tip of the shoe is square and open, adapted in their shape to the size of an iPhone. You don’t need to carry around any annoying Selfie stick with you anymore.

No matter where you go, you’ll always be camera-ready. Miz Mooz already working hard to make the shoes waterproof and equipped with a charging station. Not all human beings are so articulated as the two girls in the above video, that’s why a bit of fitness and excercise is needed though, to shoot a perfect selfie without losing your balance. These revolutionary shoes will cost 200 US dollars. You can pre-order them on miz mooz online store at 15% offprice using this link.

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