Shatterbox Anthology: The Good Time Girls Is The Female Western We’ve Been Waiting For

Published on September 6, 2017 by techtica

Laura Dern stars with Shatterbox Anthology director Courtney Hoffman for The Good Time Girls – a blood-soaked Western film that subverts all our old expectations of this dude centric genre. Joined by Arrested Development favorite Alia Shawkat and breakout Hollywood up-and-comer, Annalise Basso, Laura’s character Clementine hatched a masterfully devious plot to get even, rifle-in-hand. And trust us, that bathtub scene doesn’t leave us with any questions about exactly who’s running Hoffman’s Old West.

Refinery29 is thrilled to be showing this Shatterbox Anthology film. Just 7% of 2016’s top films were directed by women. Refinery29 wants to change this by giving 12 female directors a chance to claim their power. Our message to Hollywood? You can’t win without women. Watch new films every month on and Comcast Watchable.

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