Shovel Girl Trying To Win The Battle

Published on March 1, 2017 by techtica

It is an annoying shovel girl video that has gone viral on YouTube, Vine, Facebook and other social media outlets and got national attention. Miranda Fugate and Emily Powers teach us, not to forget your shovel if you want to win a battle. After a little conversation the two 14 years old girls (Miranda Fugate and Emily Powers.) started hitting and pulling each other’s hair and trade punches, kicks and insults. What began as a seemingly playful fight took a vicious turn after some time. One of them began to beat the other in the face. The girl who was being punched in the face seemed unfazed by the blows. Finally Emily grabs a large metal shovel and throws at Miranda in retaliation. The shovel struck her on the back of her head, knocking her to the ground instantly. After Miranda fell to the ground, she grabs her head saying she couldn’t hear anything.

The Shovel Girl Full Fight (Video) : Before and after The Fight

The Media Has Been Redefined so watch this “Aha, Take me on” Version of the Shovel Girl

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