Smart Ped E-Bike For Smart Move


FlyKly is a new idea of Niko Klansek who comes from New York. Its called and known as “FlyKly Smart Wheel”. The entire technology is installed in a special rear wheel, which according to Klansek, can be fitted practically on pretty much any bike. Now this technology is introduced in Smart Ped, which is the first foldable kick assist e-bike. It just needs a kick to get it going. The rear wheel is powered by an electric motor and the speed is controlled by how far you can kick it up. You don’t have to kick very often because as soon as you get to speed, the powered rear wheel takes over and keeps you going. It holds the steady speed to however fast you can get it up to. To stop, you just need to press the brakes and then you just kick it to get going again. There are many other good functions in this bike including the foldable function so that you can carry it easily into your office. It is light, minimalistic in design and with integrated electronic motor that propels forward. The ideal companion for hectic urban life and city traffic.

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