Space Case 1 – The World’s Most Advanced Smart Suitcase


Those who travel frequently and have some fear for their precious luggage, would be happy with the Space Case 1. The trolley is developed by planet traveler and fullly packed with high-tech. The suitcase focuses on modern elements : Smartphone connectivity, biometric lock, Auto weight sensor, Electric power, Global tracking and even Bluetooth speakers are included. And an integrated automatic alarm system provides you more security for your journeys. The fingerprint sensor allows easy and safe unlocking of the suitcase only for authorized persons. On the front there are two USB ports for charging mobile devices. But the Space case 1 becomes only interesting and fully powered with the a travel friendly App for iOS and Android. This intresting app controls all the feature and as well track your travels and also have a travel concierge for gate and flight information. Watch this video to know about more interesting functions of Space Case 1 – The world’s most advanced smart suitcase

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  • S. Suttle 2 years ago

    There are no further updates for those who invested $ over a year ago and have been promised time and time again that the product will be delivered soon. It started with a pledge of $50,000 and after having raised over $920,000.still nothing.


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