Sukhoi Su-35S jet : Russian Epic Commercial To Sell Their Super Fighter Jet


Russia made this epic commerical to sell their super fighter jet Sukhoi Su-35S. It is a multifunctional, single-seat, super-maneuverable fighter of the 4 ++ generation, designed to gain air superiority. Sukhoi Su-35S can carry a wide range of guided weapons, designed to dogfight and attack ground and sea targets without entering the defense zone using its strong electronic jamming and countermeasures.

Sukhoi Su-35S has the ability of both ground-based and air-to-air combat, as it can be equipped with missiles, bombs, rockets. It has 30mm cannon, air refueling system, Rear-looking self-defense radar in shorter tail sting, L175M Khibiny-M electronic-warfare self-defense system and a lot more.

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