Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise


A normal and typical day in a coffee shop in New York until one guy accidentally spilled his coffee on the girl and her laptop. The New York city got the scare of a lifetime when this angry woman used her telekinetic supernatural powers to move a man several meters up a wall with her rage overruling all the forces of physics and taking the guests on a horror trip. Her loud screams displaced the books off the shelves creating fear among the guests. The movie-promoters had equipped the coffee bar earlier with false walls and trick techniques, hired the stuntmen, involved the good actors and equipped the coffee bar with hidden cameras as well. This prank was produced to promote the film “Carrie”.

Its actually a great elaborated and clever set-up, using pulleys & other engineering tricks and those are real reactions that you are watching in this classic video! See how the guests react as the woman unleashes her Supernatural Telekinetic Powers on all of them. Panicked people still holding on to their coffess thought, this all happening around them was real and another girl in the front even kept recording while screaming 🙂 . A very beautiful and spectacle performance by the supernatural lady and her team.

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