The Cruel Gravity: Cliff Jump Gone Wrong


One jagged knife shaped rock sticking out of the cliff face and he found it without wearing gloves. A one in a million shot! The results were unfortunately not so good as the unlucky base jumper suffered many injuiries due to this horrible accident. These include five stitches to the eye, six stitches to the chin, Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra, Multiple bruised areas plus severely sprained Back, wrist and hand.

The mountain basically wiped it’s ass with a base jumper. Nice to see it’s using a front to back motion. Less chance of infection that way. The human experience has never been documented so beautifully and admirably as through some of these videos. Amazingly breathtaking. It happened on 24th Nov, 2013 at Utah Base jump station. A hundred percent cliff jump gone wrong.

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