The Daily Madness On The Russian Roads


They beat the shit out of each other, slapping, punching one another, throwing themselves on the windshields of moving cars and slide on the Roads. The so called dashcams record the daily madness on the roads of russia. The russian drivers fight against the insurance-fraud by installing Dashcams in their cars.

It has become a routine in Russia, that pedestrians throw themselves in front of the cars or windscreens on purpose, in order to get highest possible compensation money from the insurance companies by this insurance-fraud. Some of the scenes in this video are terribly unsafe.

You have no other choice in this situation, but to mash on your brakes or swerve, you simply can not continue forward. Or Would you seriously get out of your car and slap someone that did this to you?

Most of the times, you will also see the drunk russian drivers, speeding agressively like crazy on the roads, showing lack of respect for the traffic laws. And it seems as if they are not driving the cars, but the cars are driving them, without maintaining any speed limit. Even the parking signs mean absolutely nothing for many drivers in Russia. They love to forget about the people “behind them.”

Crazy Russian Pedestrians: (Video-2)

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