Think Twice Before Driving While Distracted

Published on July 2, 2017 by techtica

The disturbing footage shows a young group of teens travelling in a car together in a jolly mood. The driver is constantly distracted by his mobile phone along the route plus driving far too fast for the conditions he was driving in. As a result the car smashes into a farm truck and emergency services arrive there to help the victims. A girl can be seen lying motionless on the bonnet of the car (She was actually sitting on the back seat of the car but without the seat belt on) as emergency services tend to the other people in the vehicle. People are killed every day because no one can go two minutes without looking at their damn mobile phone. Distracted and speeding. Yes, a very killing combination. Therefore, please think twice before driving while distracted and avoid over-speeding to save your life and the lives of other innocent people around.

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