This Incredible Video Shows The Birth of 26 Tiny Baby Chameleons


You may never have seen something like this before. A female chameleon gives birth to her offspring ’26 tiny baby chameleons’ one after another while sitting on the hand of her breeder. This happened in Knysna (South Africa). According to the breeder Aldo kleyn , the Chameleon chose this unusual place for the birth herself. The reason is very clear because the male Chameleons love to eat the fresh newly born babies. And this female mom chameleon apparently wanted to prevent that. From time to time, Kleyn placed the animal on a plant. But after only three baby’s the female again wanted to sit on his hand as it just felt safer there. The whole birth process lasted for one hour and 13 minutes. The babies are on their own right after the birth and they are not fed by the mother any more.

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