Bear Mace vs Thief: This is What Happens If You Don’t Pay For The Service Provided To You


Bear Mace vs Thief: This is what happens If you don’t pay for the service provided to you. It seems like he got what he deserved and his girlfriend finally got to see what he looks like without a cap on. 🙂


  • Ryan Nelson 8 months ago

    Wow, judging books by there covers much?
    The owner of that shop is a scumbag. The customer is actually a really nice guy. The girl in the video is his stepdaughter. The owner did zero work on the computer. It was dropped off 5 minutes before thid video started. The owner did not even touch the computer. So the $49 he is trying to charge would be rental time of that spot of the counter for 5 minutes. The customer when outside to call a different business about the issue, since all the owner said was lets do a windows 10 upgrade on your computer and how about I sell you a bootleg copy of adobe photoshop. The customer didnt think buying stolen software for his legitimate design company was a good idea. Also he specifically told the owner he did not want to upgrasr his computers operating system until he made sure his design program worked on the new OS.
    He needed the work done because his company relied on that program to complete his job. The repair company he contacted outside said it was an easy fix, uninstall AVG or at least change the permissions in the program. Also they told him upgrading to windows 10 would not affect the program in question. So the customer went back inside and wanted his unworked on computer back. The stuff went bad quickly. What you see in the video isnt even the whole conversation. If you watch closely you can tell it is edited multiple times throughout the video.
    Also the owner chased the customer outside and continued to beat and mace the customer. The bear spray the owner used in the video is illegal spray in his state as well.
    Finally the girls mother (customers girlfriend) came back to pay the $49 to get the computer back not because the customer was in the wrong, but because he had a file his job needed that day. The owner refused to give it back unless the girlfriend also paid for a $100 macing fee.
    So the owner is selling stolen software, stealing customers property and then stealing money with fake charges.
    So maybe get your facts straight before posting terrible headlines. Or did you just assume the customer was in the wrong because he is African American…

  • barka 8 months ago

    @Ryan: Its an interesting video .


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