This Is Why Russians Have Dashcams in Their Cars


Why there are so many car accidents in Russia? and Why there is always a Dashcam installed in the vehicles that records the accidents? Well these videos will explain in detail the answers to these questions. There are basically two reasons. One is to see and judge clearly who is at fault in case of an accident and the other reasons is to discourage Scammer-Pedestrians and defend fraud attempts. In reality it has turned out that having a dashcam in the car has little to do with other drivers but more with scamming pedestrians looking for a quick bucks via insurance.

This is an organized crime in russia and these gangs make hell of money out of it. The insurance scams are so prevalent here that you pay less of a premium if you have a dashcam installed – so, buy one the first year, it pays for itself the same year; less insurance each year after – a good investment! And shows clearly that russians have DashCams in their cars for a good reason.

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