This Lamp Lights Up With A Little Candle Instead Of A Wire


This candle-powered LED lamp called Lumir C is developed by Korean Company Lumir. This Bottle-Shaped LED lamp does not require any batteries or electricity to light up. It gets its energy from a little candle. By burning of candles, the energy is emitted as heat. Lumir C converts this heat into electricity using semiconductors. This way the Lumir C lights up 60 times brighter than a candle and the lamp lasts for 10 years and the LED 50,000 hours according to the manufacturer. The lamp is marketed primarily as an eco – alternative for developing regions of the world where the people have shortage of electricity. To use Lumir C, all you have to do is light a little candle and set the lamp over it, the LED light turns on automatically after few seconds.

Lumir C is available in two versions. The “C Mode” and “Spot”. The C-mode distributes the light evenly throughout the room and with “Spot” mode, you can selectively focus the ray of light on something, so that it can be used as a reading lamp. Luminar C cost 59 Dollars.

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