TIE Drone Fighter Dark Wings


French Hobby Drone nerd Olivier has recreated another flyer drone AS TIE Fighter from Star Wars. In an atmospheric and amazing video, he let the Star Wars aviator lift off in dim light. Olivier modeled it after the TIE Interceptor from Return Of The Jedi and on the basis of Prophecy 335 quadcopter, And used a quadrotor for the engine, all this took him approximately 15 hours to design and get it flying right. He also made a working replica of the Millennium Falcon with a quadcopter drone a few months ago.

During the numerous test-flights he destroyed a total of 14 propeller until he was able to fully control the TIE Drone fighter named dark wings and fly it accurately and smoothly. Oliver has described instructions for all of his drone creations online, And with some basic tools and skills, everybody can build one of these cool badass drones on his own at home.

TIE Drone fighter star wars

RC Millennium Falcon (Video)


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