Two Actors Drowned After Jump From Helicopter

Published on November 10, 2016 by techtica

Dramatic scenes in India: For a new film “Maastigudi”, three talented actors jumped from a helicopter into the lake. Two could not swim. The young actors Raghav Uday and Anil Verma, together with the main actor (Duniya Vijay), jumped off the heli doing an action scene in the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir (35 kilometers west of Bangalore). All three were supposed to be picked up by a motorboat after the jump from around 30 meters height, but the boat obviously had engine damaged. Unfortunately Two actors met a watery grave during this dangerous stunt.

Actor “Raghav Uday” told the news media reporter right before the stunt that he can not swim. “I am feeling scared. I have seen these stunts on screen but have never tried them. I don’t know swimming and I have to do this at all costs. I have never jumped from the great height into the water and I am scared” but unfortunately he was thrown into the water without life jacket. You can see in this video how he is doing his best to remain on the water surface.

A fishing boat, which was by chance nearby, hurried to help – but too late! The two dead bodies were recovered three days later.

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