Wolf Spider Broom Attack


Such scary scenes are otherwise known only from horrifying fantasy movies. But this man from Hallett Cove, Australia hits a Wolfspider with his broom and surprisingly an Army of countless mini spiders explode out of her disgusting abdomen and immediately crawl off in all directions. After having recovered from this fright, the man puts them together into a heap and hits on them with his broom so long, until this creepy army of baby spiders can no longer move.

Female Wolfspiders are known to carry their babies for a few days with them after birth. This way, they actually want to protect their baby spiders from the enemies. Many poeple criticised the man for having killed the spider, rather than simply bringing it out through the open window. This video has gone viral and has been clicked many million times so far, within just few days.

Wolfspiders bite when they feel themselves threatened by any hostile party. They can even penetrate human skin deeply using their powerful and scary jaws. Their Bite is however, not life threatning because the amount and concentration of the poisen released into the human skin is not sufficient to kill a human being through their bite.

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