Woman Gets Kicked Off US Airways Flight


The woman came on the plane yelling and swearing about how we are going to Portugal and not Brazil. She continued being loud and obnoxious and probably some of the families with younger children told the flight attendants, who then called the police.

When the police came, she refused to move, started screaming at them and telling them she would sue, and when they told her she would be arrested if she didn’t cooperate that just edged her on more.

While buying the tickets, She thought that she should go to Brazil’s capital, ending up googling “portuguese capital” because that’s the language she heard they talked down there in Brazil and ending up buying a ticket to Lisbon.

Then she gets to the airport and realizes she’s not going to Brazil. She complains at the counter but eventually comes to the conclusion that she either boards or wastes the money she spent.

Her stubbornness and ignorance doesn’t let her forget it and so she continues all the way to the plane screaming and blaming everyone else for it.

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