Water Powered Alarm Clock

Water Powered Alarm ClockThere are usually only three kinds of power we think of for our alarm clocks or desktop clocks.  An AC powered clock, battery powered, or wind-up are the three choices you run across most of the time.  The Bedol Water Powered Clock gives you all the convenience of an electric digital clock but without the reliance on batteries or an AC power outlet.

This amazing little clock requires only some clean tap water to make it run.  You fill up the tiny reservoir with water and change it periodically.  You need to  make sure to refill the clock when you notice evaporation has lowered the water level.

water powered Clock

While a wind-up alarm clock may be just as eco-friendly, the Bedol Water Powered Clock gives you all the convenience and accuracy of a digital clock and no incessant tick, tick, tick sound in the bedroom.

The clock is 4″ x 3.5″ making it a great size for beside the bed or on your desk.  Being priced at only $25 makes it one of the best gadgets to add to your home.

Courtesy: Bedol

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